Future Motorbike Jigsaw

Future Motorbike Jigsaw


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Use your mouse to Click and drag pieces

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In Future Motorbike Jigsaw you are a bike company associate who has been tasked with putting back together promotional pictures for a bike of the future which have been torn apart by a disgruntled employee (who is fired). If you don't want to follow in his steps, put your jigsaw talents to use and bring the pictures back together. In Future Motorbike Jigsaw the controls simply consist of using the mouse button, and in some cases the CTRL key. In order to drag the pieces in the right position you simply need to click, hold and drag them using the left mouse button. If you want to select multiple pieces, then press CTRL and your left mouse button at the same time. There are four different modes to choose from, including easy (12-piece puzzle), medium (48-piece puzzle), hard (108-piece puzzle), and finally expert (192-piece puzzle). Keep a watchful eye on the amount of time you have left; if it runs out, the game is over… but you can turn it off at will.

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